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TRS Streaming Video Requirements

Streaming Video Requirements

TRS Introduces Streaming Video to the Web site

TRS is introducing video streaming presentations on the Web that will provide essential information about your retirement benefits. You can watch these videos on your computer with our streaming video feature.  Streaming video means you can watch while you’re connected to the Internet. It’s like watching your TV - except you can choose which part of a program you want to watch and when you want to watch it. You can pause, rewind, forward, or watch it over and over. Our first streaming video titled, “Steps to Retirement,” also contains clickable “hot-links” that will connect you directly to Web sites. 

PLEASE NOTE:To view the presentation from Teacher Retirement System of Texas Web site you must have a high-speed connection (100 or higher).  Once you hit “Play,” the video will take about 45 seconds to begin. A version of the presentation will be available soon for viewers with dial-up service, or slower connections.

For those who have already reviewed this page, please go directly to TRS Instructional Videos.

Important viewing information

1) Installing Important Software and Plug-ins

Watching a TRS video online requires that you have installed on your computer the following software programs and plug-ins:

A) Operating System:

Every general-purpose computer must have an operating system to run other programs. To view the video you must have installed on your computer the following operating system:

Microsoft Windows 98 or later, or Windows NT 4.0 or later.

B) Browser:

A browser is the software used to view Web pages. In order to view our streaming video presentations you will need to have INTERNET EXPLORER 5.0 for Windows or later installed on your computer.

(At this time the videos are not designed to play on the Mac OS system.) Important note: Remember that after you download software or plug-ins, you still have to install them on your computer. It is best to install them on your desktop. Once you have downloaded the software or the plug-ins, click on the icon of these programs from your desktop, and your computer will guide you through the installation process (this may take a while). After the process is completed, your computer will need to be rebooted/restarted.  

C) Streaming Video Plug-in:

To view a streamed video file from the TRS Web site, or from your computer, you will need Media Player 6.4 for Windows or later.

D) Microsoft Office Animation Runtime plug-in:

Because TRS streaming video presentations also include slides using Microsoft Office PowerPoint software, your computer may also prompt you to install the Microsoft Office Animation Runtime plug-in. If you get this message, you will be asked a series of questions, which if answered with a “yes,” will allow your computer to install the plug-in so that you can to view the slides included in the presentation.

NOTE: TRS is not responsible for any hardware or software problems resulting from the installation of third party tools, including Web browsers, plug-ins, or other suggested downloads.  

2) Internet Connection Speed

Surfing the Internet typically requires that you connect to the Internet either with a dial-up modem, a device that enables a computer to transmit data via telephone or through a high speed connection(DSL or cable modem). To view the presentation from Teacher Retirement System of Texas Web site you must have a high-speed connection (100 or higher).  Once you hit “Play,” the video will take about 45 seconds to begin.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In Internet Explorer, you will need to allow cookies, ActiveX controls, and scripting in order to view the video.

3) Video Page

TRS Instructional Videos

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